Your Acquisition Due Diligence Partner

Protect Your Investment with Guardian

Protect Your Investment with Guardian

When you’re preparing to close a business acquisition, it’s crucial to work with a partner who can effectively manage the financial, operational, and legal diligence processes to ensure you won't lose your money buying a lemon. At Guardian Due Diligence, we’re dedicated to providing cost-effective, institutional-level quality buyside advisory and due diligence work with a focus on integrity. Our founder, Elliott Holland, was a self-funded searcher for six years prior to starting Guardian, and he puts that experience to work for each client.

  • #1 diligence provider for investors buying small businesses (under $2mm in cash flow)
  • Featured as diligence expert in Walker Deibel's Acquisition Lab (Walker is author of "Buy Then Build")
  • As seen on the #1 Investing Podcast Bigger Pockets
  • Harvard Business School MBA

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Don't lose capital buying a lemon. Instead of leaving your acquisition process to chance, consult with our expert today.

Benefits of Working With Guardian

Expertise You Can Trust

  • 10+ years working with deals from $250K to $5M in EBITDA
  • Experience leading private equity firms
  • Focused on providing a deal recommendation, not just a QoE report
  • Support throughout the entire acquisition process

Unbeatable Value

  • Over $200k in value for only $15k - amazing return on investment (ROI)
  • $80k+ in reduction of purchase price on average
  • $150k+ saved when we found a deal breaker the client missed saving them the personal guarantee
  • $15k+ saved on deals we found were bad within a week of engagement saving 45 days of time client would have pursued

Acquisition Process Services We Provide

Business Valuation

Find out if you're overpaying.

  • 10+ years valuing small- and medium-size businesses
  • Database of over 1,000 deals to compare to your industry and size

Packages starting at $1,000.

"I was so wrong. I started with a 4x valuation multiple. But after I talked to Elliott, he pointed out customer concentration & incorrect add backs that took the valuation below 3x. I saved over $500k on purchase price. Totally worth it."
— Joseph W.

Basic Deal Review

Know Good or Bad Deal Right Away!

  • Reviewed over 2,000 deals over 10 years
  • Knowing Top 10 places to look for deal breakers
  • Know now and save 45-60 days chasing a bad deal

Packages starting at $5,000.

"Guardian exposed certain downside scenarios that we did not initially uncover during our Due Diligence period. Guardian]gave us the confidence to walk away from the deal after months of negotiations. I am particularly thankful for Elliott Holland's focus on capital preservation, reminding our team that the best deal may be the one you walk away from."
— Keith R.

Quality of Earnings

Am I buying a lemon?

  • Everyone determines TTM EBITDA. You're buying next year's EBITDA. We show you that.
  • 10+ years of navigating the ways sellers can manipulate financials

Packages starting at $10,000.

"I thought I had my ideal acquisition. But Guardian found that the seller was propping up sales and EBITDA with tricks in inventory and accounts receivable. I walked away and saved 1/2 of my net worth!"
— Mark D.